WEBINAR: Straight Talk For Infant Safe Sleep

To honor SIDS awareness month, Keriton is partnering with First Candle to provide this free webinar for clinical staff.

For those of you not familiar, First Candle is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing the rates of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID) and preventable Stillbirths by educating caregivers and families and supporting research. They are also committed to offering bereavement support for grieving families.

In order to receive CEUs, please complete the post-survey/evaluation. For non-nursing professions, you will receive a certificate of completion to put towards your continuing education.

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First Candle’s Roundtable, Oct 1 2019

Earlier this month, Keriton had the opportunity to attend and participate in First Candle’s Round Table The Impact of Implicit Bias and Social Determinants on Infant Mortality. The audience included federal and state agencies, community groups and hospital groups. The presenters spoke on social determinants of health and how those ideals specifically impact Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) / Sudden Unexpected Infant Deaths (SUIDS).
Attendees were divided up and asked specific questions on how real change can be affected in reducing SIDS/SUIDS. Groups worked on diving deep into what factors influence families’ decisions on factors known to contribute towards increasing the risk of SIDS/SUIDS.

Two of the major themes that surfaced were:
Implicit bias happens on an unconscious level – many people aren’t even aware of it. It’s often automatically activated but unintentional. Part of our lived experience.
Build from the community up – don’t just bring statistics and studies and directives into communities. Answers for the community are in the communities: ask questions. Bring them to the table. Make them part of the process, not just a place to fix and change.

So many thoughtful conversations occurred during these workgroups and those concepts will help inform the work First Candle and their partners will be doing to further their outreach and engage the community.
For more information on First Candle please visit their website (https://firstcandle.org/).

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