Different Roles,
Different Needs,

One Solution.

The Keriton Kare platform brings together solutions that connect ICU technicians, nutritionists, nurses, moms, and lactation consultants, giving them the tools they need to optimize feeding management.

Through one solution, you can enable hospital staff and mothers to closely coordinate their efforts to optimize volume of milk received, ensure safe feeding, and streamline workflows while improving the health outcomes of patients under your care.

One Barcode at the Hub of the Workflow

Pre-printed barcode labels are used to coordinate care across all caregivers—no label reprints throughout the entire lifecycle:

Why Keriton Kare?

Our feeding management platform is a complete enterprise-class solution tailored to ICU needs.

Built by NICU and PICU Teams, for Their Unique Requirements

We understand your workflows and our apps are designed to optimize critical feeding processes.

No-Fuss Integration into Your Workflows

Integrates with all EMR and ADT platforms, and as a SaaS solution requires minimal IT time to maintain.

Proven to Improve Outcomes

From eliminating errors to minimizing expirations—see the real results NICUs have achieved.

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