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NICU Stories from Moms at Abington-Jefferson Hospital

Over the last year, the NICU at Abington-Jefferson Hospital has been a great customer and partner. I was there recently to discuss a QI project, and had the opportunity to chat with an array of end users who touched the infant feeding management process. That included moms. Here are a couple stories moms shared about their experiences with Keriton’s Kare Mom app.

Story 1

Having the photos in the [Kare Mom] app is very different from the bassinet camera. When I log into the camera, my baby is usually sleeping or the camera is off. But with the [Kare Mom] app I was able to get a photo when she got her first bath — her CPAP was off and I was able to see her face with her eyes open for the first time!

If I didn’t have that photo I never would have seen that moment. It really makes a world of difference seeing all the moments I would have missed. I was just discharged and because of the app I get to see her all the time.

It has been a godsend to have connection to my baby. I love the pictures and I love the texts. Tracking my milk is super easy. It is really helpful to know my inventory at the hospital with the app. Right now I’m dependent on rides and weather, so I don’t need to worry that there’s no milk for her.

Having photos helps me pump. I use them all the time when I pump. I seem to get photos when I am pumping and it really helps me stay motivated. My husband looks at it and really enjoys sending the photos to our family and friends because we’re only the ones who can visit her in hospital.

I like the little reminders I get to clean my pump parts. It certainly does help me when I’m supposed to be keeping track of pumping times and I can’t remember anything.

I love being included in her care. I feel part of the team.”

Story 2

“I used the [Kare Mom] app for pumping but not anymore due to illness. When I was able to pump, the app made it much easier. There are so many moments you miss away from the hospital. Getting photos everyday is a blessing. I’m also back to working nights and love showing the pictures to my coworkers. It improves my mood when I’m feeling down, and it brings me closer to my baby.”

We’re so delighted to hear these stories and learn more about the challenges moms face. If you want to learn more about insights and best practices we’ve gleaned from NICUs, milk labs, nutrition rooms, and moms, we’d love to hear from you. Reach out.

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