Looking to improve your US News & World Report scorecard?

Keriton is committed to supporting clinicians to advance practice through safety, collaboration, and innovation. Did you know that breast milk management can affect at least three scoring metrics (six points total)? You are doing good work. Get the credit.

Outcomes and Experience

Infant discharge on breastmilk

  • Points for percentage of patients discharged on breastmilk.
  • Points for tracking discharge on breastmilk.

Not only do we track, in real time, the number of infants you have discharged on maternal milk, but we can help you increase those metrics! Klassify, Keriton’s lactation analytics dashboard, allows clinicians to take a proactive approach with maternal pumping/production patterns. Allowing for earlier intervention to reach and/or maintain goal volume.

Quality Improvement Efforts


  • Points for using a barcoding system.
  • Points for tracking breast milk at administration.

Keriton tracks and records every single step in the process. By logging all near miss errors, leadership has the tools to evaluate and, when necessary, educate to improve processes. Easy points!

Quality Assurance / Performance Improvement

  • Points for tracking, presenting, and demonstrating how the improvement initiatives improved care.

Keriton’s ability to capture and display 30+ metrics in real time means real time quality. Institutional-specific data can be custom configured based on your QAPI initiatives. This data is available for pre, intermediate, and post-intervention.

Keriton allows you to access your data without complex and time intensive EMR data requests. As an added bonus, Keriton is collecting additional data that isn’t currently being compiled in the medical record. It’s your data and you can have it, when you need it. Our clinical staff and data scientists will work with you to figure out what you want to track and how to best display that data for your reporting needs.

Patient Support


  • Points for engaging families in the plan of care.

Keriton allows families to be truly integrated into the feeding plan for their babies. They see their own pumping data and bottle inventories just as the clinicians do. Parents can chat with the clinical staff and talk about the plan for their baby right through the app.

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