Manufacturers Barcode Scanning

“Should we be scanning breast milk?”

“Ok, but what about the fortifiers? And bases for complex formulas? How about ready-to-feeds?”

We hear these conversations at NICUs and children’s hospitals often. For some clinical nutrition programs, it’s important to scan a variety of products, in addition to human milk.

Which product barcodes would you want to scan?

Two-person administration verifications for maternal and donor milk are common practice in most institutions. What about formula, fortifiers, and bases? 

Keriton Kare is excited to announce the addition of the MBC (Manufacturers Barcode) scanning capability to the most comprehensive feeding management platform on the market today.

Do you carry similar looking products? Different formulas with similar packaging? Product packaging that frequently changes color and design? 

With low lighting at night, small print, and frequent distractions, it is easy to confuse one bottle with another.

EMRs are not designed to ensure safety in feeding management. Sure, they may offer you a free module. But does that make things safer, or does it just check a box?

We worked with clinicians that run milk labs and nutrition rooms to build something better. One system that ensures the *specifically* ordered product is being fed, validates it’s not expired, and tracks its lot number too.

Are you concerned that the correct fortifiers are not being added? Worried about the inability to validate the expiration of fortifiers and additives? Not sure how to attach product information to a patient in the event of a recall?

There are a lot of fortifiers out there. We’ve heard from clinical dietitians that it would be helpful to have a system to directly scan the fortifiers and additives to validate against the feed order. And to have the system log the expiration and product information into the patient flowsheet. 

Do you use different bases in your preparations for different patients? Are you concerned that the proper base is utilized for the complex preparations in your unit? Are you worried about base expiration affecting the feed expiration?

Keriton Kare has now added the capability to scan all bases, fortifiers, formulas (ready-to-feeds, powders, liquid concentrates), additives, and any other component of your patient recipes.

Now you can receive RTFs in bulk, and track all the key information, without all the manual data entry.

By scanning the specific feed order products, you can automatically validate the correct products are being utilized as well as all expirations are enforced. Finally, all relevant product lot and batch numbers are logged for each patient for tracking and recall purposes. By adding this functionality, the feeding management process becomes even safer and more efficient with no re-labeling of branded products. 

Simple scanning with your current handheld barcode scanner, or a smartphone, will verify the right patient and current feeding order in the EMR, every time.

Built for clinicians by clinicians.

Workflows to meet your institution’s needs.

Verification scanning capabilities at every step of the preparation and administration process.

Which product barcodes would you want to scan? Get in touch and we’ll show you how it works.