How Connecticut Children’s Celebrates World Breastfeeding Week

As with most things in 2020, World Breastfeeding Week looked a little different than it usually does. This was no exception at Connecticut Children’s, but they did not let it stop the celebrations.

Connecticut Children’s typically partners with Hartford Hospital to have a large party with games, prizes, snacks — many hospitals and speakers attend. Since this was not possible this year, they held a Zoom event. Mothers from the Newborn Nursery, Hartford Hospital mothers support group, and the NICU spoke. The first half was hosted by Hartford Hospital’s Lactation Team and the second half by the Connecticut Children’s Lactation Team. 

Mary Lussier, RN, IBCLC, Lactation Services Coordinator at Connecticut Children’s, spoke about what their team has done to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding during the COVID-19 crisis. “It was a good discussion, not the full celebration that we normally have, but people were able to participate from their homes and that was great.”

Connecticut Children’s Lactation Team

Every year the team puts together a gift for moms with a baby in the NICU during WBW. This year each mom received a mug that reads, “I Make Milk, What’s Your Superpower?” that was filled with Mothers Milk Tea, Tender Care Cream, a poem, pen, breast pads, and a card with a lactation cookie recipe. There were also five small prizes each day, Monday through Friday.  The gifts were: a breastfeeding shawl, Haakaa pump, Moby Wrap, Boppy nursing pillow, and a sleep sack.

A moms who received a mug filled with goodies

 “The best thing you can do for families is to educate the people that are working with them and to practice in an evidence-based manner”

– Mary Lussier

For the staff, the Lactation Team organizes a daily quiz question during WBW. Everyone is very engaged and it gets pretty competitive. Every day there is a question, and everyone who answers is entered into a raffle for a prize. The next day the question is answered and the winner’s name is announced, along with the next question. 

WBW receives a wonderful reception from the staff. This is about celebrating the staff and thanking them for what they do. 

The pop quiz grand prize was year a clean living basket to support the WBW 2020 theme.   

Melissa Pelletier was the grand prize winner.

As the Lactation Team was prepping for WBW 2020, they considered how to use Keriton to improve the experience for moms. 

“I was sitting here at my desk and thought to myself, maybe we could do a video? And at the same time one of the other LCs messaged me with the same idea. We thought about what videos already exist that would be good, but then thought — no, it has to be homegrown.”  

– Mary Lussier

So they reached out to leaders from Clinical Nutrition, Nursing Leadership, Nursing Education, Physicians, and Nurse Practitioners. Everyone was very excited to participate.  Each person created a short video introducing themselves, supporting the hard work of breastfeeding, emphasizing the importance of breastmilk, and adding something specific to their role. Moms received these videos through the Konnect (HIPAA compliant texting) feature of the Kare Mom app.

Check out three of the seven videos, below:

Video #1

Stephanie McGuire, Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

Video #2

Dr. Annemarie Golioto, Medical Director, NICU East (Hartford)

Video #3

Deanna Hill, Clinical Education Specialist

We’re proud to partner with Connecticut Children’s and thrilled that they continue to find new ways to deliver education, foster community, and improve the pumping experience for moms using the Kare Mom app.

Do you have a unique idea for how to use Keriton in your NICU or children’s hospital? Get in touch.