Vermont Oxford Network

The Vermont Oxford Network (VON) is health care professionals and families at more than 1300 member centers collaborating to improve neonatal care around the world with data-driven quality improvement and research.

About Vermont Oxford Network

Vermont Oxford Network is a nonprofit voluntary collaboration of health care professionals working together as an interdisciplinary community to change the landscape of neonatal care.

Our mission is to improve the quality, safety, and value of care for newborn infants and their families through a coordinated program of data-driven quality improvement, education, and research.

We are working to achieve the vision of a worldwide community dedicated to giving infants the best possible start so that every newborn and family achieves their fullest potential.

VON is the Interdisciplinary Care Team

Providers, public health advocates, and families dedicated to improving care for every newborn

The network depends on the passion and precision of our members. It takes the entire interdisciplinary team along with input from family advisors and support from senior leadership to get the most out of VON membership.

Educational tools and improvement resources are available to all individuals at VON member centers, and team members working on quality improvement are empowered to access their center’s VON data.

VON is NICUs and Beyond

Children’s hospitals, neonatal intensive care units, and hospitals worldwide committed to continuous improvement

Children’s hospitals, neonatal intensive care units, level I and II centers, and birthing hospitals join VON to commit to data-driven improvement for newborn infants and their families.

Data-submitting centers use up-to-date confidential reports from the world’s largest and most comprehensive databases of high-risk infant data to benchmark their practices and outcomes and identify areas for improvement.

Centers working together in our quality improvement collaboratives benefit from VON’s evidence-based improvement methods and expertise in implementation science to address critical challenges of newborn care, such as antibiotic stewardship, neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS), and the patient-and-family experience of neonatal care.

VON is Hospitals Working Together

Health systems, alliances, states, regional, and international groups

Health systems, state collaboratives, and regional groups join VON to improve coordination and standardize care. Individual centers can track their data with consolidated data of all centers within a group and receive custom reports tailored to their unique needs.

Health systems and state perinatal quality improvement collaboratives implement VON universal training packages and join ongoing improvement collaboratives to adopt evidence-based practices that reduce variability and improve outcomes across many centers.